Commercial Expertise

Hood & Strong is known for our close and long-standing working relationships with our business clients, who call on us for a full complement of tax, assurance, and consulting services.

Whether your company is in start-up mode, aggressively expanding, looking to maintain a steady course, or thinking about management transition strategies, our professionals are here to help you and your business succeed. From basic compliance to ongoing business consulting, we work with you to achieve your financial goals.

Manufacturing and Distribution

To remain competitive, manufacturers and distributors must proactively manage global competition, rising costs, asset management and liquidity. We provide integrated solutions to maximize the potential of your business and uncover inefficiencies in your operations. We also help to reduce your tax burden, and assist in finding cost-effective ways to upgrade technology, improve and expand operations, and maintain optimum inventory levels. 

Private Equity and Search Funds

Hood & Strong has been providing services to the private equity community for more than a decade, specializing in assurance and tax services to meet the unique tax and accounting issues faced by their portfolio companies. We’re also skilled in working with Search Funds, providing tax return and due diligence services during the search period, and follow-through assurance services once the acquisition is complete.


Managing the financial needs of the Bay Area’s innovative and fast-growing tech community is extremely challenging given today’s turbulent global economy.

Our team of specialists brings the experience and skills to meet the specialized needs of technology-driven companies, providing a full suite of services from revenue recognition and stock-based compensation arrangements, to equity and debt funding, tax credits and incentives, and due diligence.

Biotech/ Life Sciences

Unlike other traditional industries, biotech/life sciences companies face unique industry-specific technological and regulatory challenges that often require tremendous investments of time, money, and outside capital. Hood & Strong helps you develop an infrastructure to reasonably manage your accounting and financial functions, creating a customized road map to help you through the lifecycles of your company, from startup to commercialization.

Financial Institutions

Hood & Strong has a long tradition of providing services to the financial services industry, specifically mortgage banks and brokers. Through our relationship with  RSM US Alliance we have expanded our financial institutional practice to local community banks, leveraging access to a full range of specialists able to assist with regulatory obligations, specialized risk management, bank recovery strategies and distressed bank acquisitions.

Real Estate and Construction

Our legacy of serving the construction and real estate industries dates back to the earliest days of the firm. We understand the industry’s challenges, including the economy’s effect on profit margins, rising insurance rates, systems security risks, and maintaining a competitive advantage.

We know how speculation, risks and fluctuation can impact your real estate business and are adept at helping our clients with complex transactions, ownership structure, and profit-and loss sharing arrangements to maximize value. Our experience with commercial and residential developers and owners helps you focus on developing projects and building your business portfolio.

We also work closely with project owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, designers, lenders, end-users and other stakeholders to develop customized solutions to meet the challenges faced in the increasingly competitive, global and evolving construction industry.

Employee Benefit Plans

Hood & Strong has extensive experience performing employee benefit plan audits. We understand the myriad regulations that pose unique, high-risk decisions for Plan Sponsors – rules that can affect the future well-being of plan participants. Our early membership in the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center brings national resources to help ensure that our clients are compliant with ERISA reporting requirements, Department of Labor (DOL) rules, and other regulations. We follow a national firm audit methodology, participate in annual trainings regarding the intricacies of requirements for ERISA audits, and take part in regional training sessions with the DOL.