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Your vehicle for continuous improvement.

Our Audit and Assurance teams go beyond simply verifying the facts; we develop a roadmap for your financial future and success. We apply the latest tools and systems for consistency, objectivity and accountability, and adhere to a rigorous quality control process, including regular peer reviews. Communication is at the heart of our approach, both during the audit and throughout the year, as needs and requirements change and evolve.

Audit and assurance solutions.


An audit is the highest level of assurance for your financial information. Our audit process helps identify opportunities to strengthen your balance sheet, reduce waste, maximize efficiencies and minimize risk. We design a customized audit plan based on your specific business operations, controls and timetable.  

Compilations and Reviews

When your business needs an overview of your financial picture without the depth of detail of a full audit, we can provide a compilation or review document. A compilation presents a snapshot of your financials without any assurance of their accuracy, while a review provides a more in-depth portrait of your assets and liabilities with analytical research and testing. These reports are useful when seeking a small business loan or investment capital.  

Employee Benefit Plans

We are experts in navigating and explaining the nuances of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Our membership in the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center gives us resources, so that you are ­– and remain – in full federal compliance with the ever-evolving ERISA reporting requirements, U.S. Department of Labor rules, and other regulations. We test the completeness and accuracy of your participant data and transactions, as well as evaluate and assess your plan’s internal controls. Our reports include an opinion on your plan’s financial statements and discussion of any significant deficiencies or material weaknesses.

Risk Assurance

During this era of financial uncertainty, globalization and technological change, businesses are called on to manage a variety of risks. We work with you to manage your risk profiles by helping develop, implement and regularly evaluate an effective enterprise risk management program (ERM). Our Risk Assurance framework evaluates and provides guidance on your ERM, internal controls and fraud deterrence to keep you focused and on course to meet your strategic, operational, reporting and compliance objectives.

IT Assurance

Today’s IT environments are complex, ever-evolving and critical to business success. Our IT Assurance team helps you understand and identify your organization’s unique technology risks and works to establish controls to mitigate threats. Our IT auditors will assess and advise on how you are – or should be – using technology to protect and improve your operational efficiencies and enterprise value.

Non-profit Expertise

We provide a full suite of audit and assurance services for not-for-profit organizations.

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Audit and assurance leadership.

Maria Giambona, CPA

Partner-in-Charge, Assurance Service Group
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“Providing audit and assurance services offers a crucial mechanism for fostering trust and confidence in the business environment. By conducting thorough examinations of financial statements, internal controls and operational processes, we contribute to the reliability and transparency of financial information. The insights gained through the audit process enable businesses to enhance their internal controls and operational efficiency."

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