M & A Services

Due Diligence

Hood & Strong is experienced in conducting financial due diligence to help facilitate successful mergers and acquisitions. Working with both buyers and sellers, we analyze target company data to identify historical and projected financial and operating trends, working capital considerations and the quality of earnings. We are focused on helping clients reduce the risks of any transaction by providing technical, financial and operational analysis to support strategic decisions. We offer a suite of services, including evaluating potential acquisition’s financial reporting systems; assessing collateral, accounts receivables, inventory and cash flow; and identifying exposure areas to avoid or reduce value.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to uncover potential M&A opportunities and reduce surprises and transaction delays.

Exit Planning

After devoting years of your life to building your business, how do you successfully chart and navigate the next chapter of your career and ensure you reap your proper rewards? The key to a successful exit is developing a custom, comprehensive written road map or exit plan well in advance of a sale, buyout or leadership transition, and planning for both the financial and emotional aspects that are inherent in big change.

Hood & Strong’s team of certified exit planning advisors help business owners manage and focus on these complex tasks, advising and guiding you on ways to exit the business on your own terms and conditions in order to maximize value, mitigate tax implications, and ensure a smooth transition. We’re with you through every step of the process, from the time you decide to plan for an exit, through the close of the transaction.